Weighing The Effects of #ProjectGarbage

Here is how my garbage baby has grown over the span of 4 weeks:


Where would you guess most of my garbage comes from?


Well, it depends.

Based on volume, plastic seems like the bulk of my waste. However, weighing my garbage by mass will gives the best indicator of where most of my garbage comes from.

Over the course of a month, I generated 16.3 lbs (7.4 kg) worth of garbage.


My Findings:

  • It shouldn’t be a surprise that, by mass, I produced more Glass than Paper or Plastic.
  • However, it did surprise me that I produced almost twice as much Paper than Plastic! Those IKEA catalogues are heavy!
  • And, jesus, how did I produce 2 pounds of Paper Towels?? Paper towels can’t be recycled because grease and other contaminants can ruin a paper recycling batch.

The Good News:

  • Most of the Glass I produced will be reused (In Germany, most glass/plastic beverage bottles are sanitized and the entire bottle is reused)
  • Some of that Paper and Plastic can be recycled
  • Although Paper Towels can’t be recycled, Paper Towels can go into the compost bin.

Next Steps:

After #ProjectGarbage, I’m now much more aware of the garbage I produce. I’m also starting to take steps to purchase some products that help me be more waste free. First item obtained? A motherfucking hankerchief! I’ll provide an update next week.

Did these results of this analysis surprise you, too?


Weighing The Effects of #ProjectGarbage

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